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Hi Flyers Motocross Cards - Welcome to racerhead, coming to you from the quickly-to-be-frozen tundra of west virginia. We are looking ahead to a large wintry weather hurricane, with temperatures to as little as -5 fahrenheit on saturday night. That means i picked a certainly awful weekend to move skiing at snowshoe in preference to heading to southern california for anaheim 2. I will be watching at the nbc sports gold app, much more likely than not whilst shivering somewhere. It's been moist obtainable all week, and which could without a doubt have an effect on the track that the dirt wurx men constructed early (and fast) and were given protected in plastic as they predicted the earlier rains. Make sure you test out the fine work they did in the video farther on down.?. Dust wurx alex published this video of a few emergency early music-constructing at angel stadium in anaheim as the dust wurx group hustled on sunday and monday to build the song for this weekend's anaheim 2 race, after which get it covered before the expected past due-week rains came:. And before we get into the rest of the week’s information and notes, we misplaced a girl this week who probable noticed more races at loretta lynn ranch than anybody. Maie tale changed into the matriarch of the story own family, buddies of the ranch who've come out to warning-flag the races each year for the reason that first one in 1982. As a rely of fact, that’s how the a ways returned segment of the music got here to be referred to as “tale land” (as tim cotter first dubbed it inside the 1990s) to the announcers. There were three generations of story children available flagging, and while maie got up there in years, she started appearing as their manager, handing over refreshments and lunches and just preserving a watch on them even as all of them saved a watch on the riders. Sadly, she changed into fighting most cancers while we visited ultimate summer; she exceeded on tuesday morning. Rest in peace, maie tale, and thank you from 3 generations of beginner motocross riders.