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Frequent Flyer Number Sas - , we observed that some of our participants weren’t able to log in the usage of their registered e-mail address as username. When trying to log the usage of this particular electronic mail, users got an errors message describing different ways to log in. It have become clear that in our development method, we had underestimated how this organization of users prefers to log in. This issue didn’t have the equal effect throughout the beta testing we completed for the duration of the summer season/fall or when we launched our new website online in denmark last november. And as a result of the amount of remarks we received, we made the decision to trade this right away. Within 24 hours of the discharge, email login became a move. Nowadays, you could log in in your profile the use of your username, email cope with or eurobonus range or tour bypass variety.?  .

As part of remodeling the booking glide on our site, we’ve launched a brand new control my booking page that improves virtually every detail on our antique website. The result is a cleanser, clearer evaluation of your ride that makes handling tour all that a whole lot simpler.

We requested customers of a wide variety, from our common vacationers and eurobonus participants at all tiers to as soon as-a-12 months sunseekers, approximately how they skilled our antique website online. What facts did they want and greater importantly, in which did they expect to find it?.

Our layout group commenced by sketching out numerous special layout and interaction alternatives for the appearance and sense within the booking go with the flow. So one can flow forward and improve these ideas, they carried out guerilla checking out (qualitative user checking out with five humans a good way to speedy discover usability issues) with both skilled and unexperienced sas internet site users. After receiving precious remarks from the customers, our design team modified a few interaction styles and selected designs to be developed further.

This is why on this week’s release we’ve optimized the pictures on our website in order that they load faster. And on the grounds that about 50 percent of the content on our websites is made from images, the development is sizeable — the website online masses about 35 percent quicker now.