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QH_CentralEurope_2018, Call qantas frequent flyer from overseas

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QH_CentralEurope_2018 - I used to be booked with qantas to return to sydney from colombo via singapore on 16th jan (leaving colombo at 7.25am). In the overdue afternoon of 15th january – just round 5pm in sri lankan time, i obtained a call from qantas australia (sounded love it – the variety become not whole but appeared like an australian range) to my neighborhood sri lankan cell phone. The lady personnel member (the name become in all likelihood christi but wasn’t clean) stated that due to a few cause, i have been rerouted (involuntary) thru bangkok and i can get hold of the brand new price ticket in the next few minutes. The individual that called me acquired my electronic mail address and showed it too to ship the new ticket. I knowledgeable them that my mother died much less than 2 weeks ago (on 2 jan) and that i would like to get some privateness with the aid of getting a window seat. I was requested to check my electronic mail and print the new ticket. That changed into the ultimate time i heard from qantas australia. Even as my travelport itinerary changed into modified to show tour thru bkk (i've screenshots) i in no way ever acquired the re-issued ticket. As you absolute confidence would possibly understand, i used to be below a whole lot of pressure and grief. I had to plan about my widowed father’s welfare and also attend to last minute matters regarding my mom’s affairs. When i could not discover a price tag on pinnacle of the whole lot, i tried frantically to touch qf however even the colombo qf office changed into closed and the emergency numbers (unclear message on smartphone) did no longer respond. That’s any other tale because the emergency numbers aren't clean inside the voice message – want a miles improved service. I tried to touch australian qf reservations but couldn't get thru. Then i contacted the code share accomplice (ul) who informed that they may no longer permit me on their flights without a legitimate ticket. I’ve tried on diverse occasions to call the frequent flyer no to ask about registering however without a doubt unable to get thru after 20mins on every occasion because your strains are busy. I rang another enquirers number the previous day and he took my details and said someone would name me however nevertheless not anything from qantas!.