Special Sound Card, American Flyer Diesel American Flyer, Texas & Pacific Diesel, With Dummy Unit 375 Printing

American Flyer, Texas & Pacific Diesel, With Dummy Unit 375, Sound card for american flyer diesel

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Special Sound Card, American Flyer Diesel Printing -        adjustable width, for both ho and s gauge use. Usable with both steam and diesel engines. Use curler units in any mixture--- four, 6, or 8 wheel engines. Complete set, as shown above: most effective $89.95  (see our gear page).

     a set of 6 wheels for hudson, k5, or pacifics is $55.00 . The 8-wheel sets for northerns are $seventy five.?            newly delivered: 4-wheel units for atlantics, $45.? (website af components catalog, “wheels”).

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