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Special Frequent Flyer Program Miles, More Printed - Get the contemporary offers and news, mainly tailored to satisfy your desires. Check your earned award and standing miles at a look and set yourself desires to reaching a better miles & more status. Your miles & extra provider card is also digitally available within the app! Down load it now and learn more.

Miles & more introduces you to a global of special benefits: with europe's largest common flyer programme you earn treasured miles while you travel, and even whilst you're not traveling. With extra than 350 partners global, you’ll earn miles on flights, motels, automobile leases and much extra.

You'll earn popularity miles on flights with most miles & extra airline companions and all superstar alliance member companies. Depending at the variety of status miles you earn, you may acquire a far & more popularity level – and experience many special and one of a kind privileges in the air and at the ground as a frequent traveller, senator or hon circle member. With regards to redeeming your miles, the selection is yours:.

With free registration with miles & more you can earn precious miles straight away in all types of approaches, each within the air and at the ground, and redeem them for incredible awards: with airlines, resorts, at your preferred logo’s shops or for a weekend tour inside the rental automobile of your desire. A great partner international cordially invites you to earn and redeem miles.

More you gather, the extra you benefit. You can accrue miles with many different 55,000 35,000quality companions on the ground as nicely. It’s a 7339ff1fc90882f8f31ca1efdd2ac191 provide offering you with middle east, caucasia, algeria, armenia, azerbaijan, canary islandsd), cape verdef), 55,000 35,000worldwide flight connections, pinnacle resorts, automobile condo high-quality="hide">companiesagencies|businesses|companies|groups|organizations|corporations, economic in addition to north/critical africa egypt, eritrea, ethiopia, georgia, ghana, iran, israel, jordan, fifty five,000 35,000telecommunication offerings, and it additionally rewards you with miles every time you're taking from/to europe kenya, kuwait, lebanon, libya, morocco, nigeria, oman, 65,000 40,000advantage of these services. Saudi arabia, senegal. Southern africa 75,000 40,000take gain of first-class="hide">greatexcellent|superb|great|outstanding|exceptional|brilliant|fantastic|terrific|awesome|wonderful|splendid|remarkable|extremely good|amazing|first-rate|tremendous|notable|first rate|top notch|extraordinary|high-quality|incredible|exquisite|super awards, privileges and offerings, and allow from/to europe mauritius, seychelles, south africa 20,000 10,000yourself experience something trendy! 75,000 50,000 india india, maldivesf, nepal, sri lanka 20,000 10,000what do i get from my miles? From/to europe canada, usa40,000 reputation miles or 18 commercial enterprise magnificence/first magnificence routes, or 35 in economic system elegance north americaduring one calendar from/to europe barbados, cuba, dominican republic, grenada, jamaica,yr will earn you the frequent tourist reputation. Mexico, puerto rico, st. Lucia, trinidad and tobagothat gives you: critical• silver common traveller card america/caribbean argentina, brazil, chile, peru, venezuela, domestic south• 20 extra status and award miles on all flights on which reputation miles can be accumulated from/to europe america: buenos aires–santiago de chile(government bonus)• check-in on the business magnificence counter south america indonesia, malaysia, philippines, singapore, thailand, vietnam• waiting listing priority from/to europe domestic south-east asia: singapore–jakarta, bangkok–manila• common tourist hotline• free luggage allowance of forty kg on all flights. South-east asia china (incl. Hong kong), japan, kazakhstan, south korea, from/to europe turkmenistan, uzbekistan crucial/a long way-east asia australia from/to europe australia from/to europe© royal shipment airways, inc. All rights reserved.