Quality Twa Frequent Flyer Miles TWA Skyliner Magazine, 1983-10-24 -, Skyliner, Digital Collections Printed

TWA Skyliner Magazine, 1983-10-24 -, Skyliner, Digital Collections, Twa frequent flyer miles

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Quality Twa Frequent Flyer Miles Printed - All through an extended layover at jfk i headed over from the nearby jetblue terminal to the twa terminal and marched proper up to the front door. There was a few production taking place, but the door changed into locked. At this factor, mind of purchasing a hard hat and yellow protection vest were going for walks through mind. But there wasn’t time earlier than my connection….

€?it turned into like strolling via a dresser and into narnia.?? that line cracked me up, however in reality, i will’t think about a higher manner to describe your revel in! Thanks for sharing these photos.

Earlier than the deal became signed to turn the terminal right into a motel, the constructing turned into available for public go to for 1 or 2 days consistent with year at some point of the nyc open residence. I purposedly scheduled a flight out of jfk (as opposed to ewr on ua) on the day when it become going to be the final open residence day before it became being transformed into a inn. Despite the fact that the building turned into full of humans, the experience changed into staggering.

Great pics. I also grew up flying to europe on twa. Properly reminiscences. Charming to think about the opposite initiatives designed by way of finnish architect, eero saarinen: the st. Louis arch, the main terminal constructing at dulles, and many greater: /list_of_works_by_eero_saarinen.

I love the images, brings returned fond memories for me. I used to be a twa f/a out of the big apple for 25 years. I’m thrilled mcr is making the iconic constructing into a resort. Your pix are just like it was within the 60’s without all of the people and the various famous faces strolling via those pink tunnels. Thank you again for the incredible photos and it turned into a suitable time to be a ” twa hostess”.

I did no longer want to let on how i entered, however i left my bring-on bag in the bridge. We walked lower back to get it then he walked me to the the front door, opened it, and warned me he higher not see me again.