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Quality Indigo Flyer Miles Indigo,, Flying Engineer Printing - The flight was scheduled to go away at 5:forty am, and this is too early for me to wake up and get to the airport, even though it is most effective approximately 15 mins away from my home. So, i decided to drag an all-nighter and sleep on the aircraft, if viable. I was on my way to the airport at about 4 am, and made it in desirable time. Between humans, we were simply carrying one convey-on bags, and it fit the scale of deliver-on prescribed world-over. But, the burden was extra than their prescribed 7 kg via a tad bit extra (hello, the bag weighed 3 kgs or so!), So i had to sneak it past their take a look at-in body of workers! The counters, as expected, have been early at that hour. I've always maintained that indigo is one of the first-rate airlines at present on the subject of performance and they do a good task at that. Being the most effective airline with an all woman cabin group, no longer that it matters but they're always well groomed and stand out from the relaxation. Very courteous and professional. The airline has a classy image. There's no reasonably-priced branding on board their planes. You do not have a few advert of a telecom corporation or something else staring at you as quickly as you sit on your seat. Thats what units them apart. And maximum of the time i truly dont miss the inflight meal as flying times to maximum indian cities are pretty less. As compared to jet airlines in which the infight meal is most if the time horrible. Dry chewy calzones or whatever they serve. Salty and insipid chinese language for lunch. Properly there r times u get fortunate with the meal. But if you may manage front room access then u can adequately bypass the meal. Approximately 48 hours prior to journey, i attempted checking in. I found out that the primary row changed into empty, however, indigo still wanted to fee me inr 600 for checking into those top class seats which they were now not able to promote. I were given busy with something else and forgot about it. Some hours later when i tried again, i was able to snag 1d and 1f at no cost. It appears it changed into approximately someone on foot into workplace at an earthy hour, and setting out the payments on those seats. I used to be glad i did no longer have to pay so much greater as a part of the sales maximisation strategy of indigo.