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Quality Busy, Tools Calgary Flyer Design - Non-obligatory accessories • smart manual device for advanced manipulate model dw7350 - mobile stand reg. $229.00 $199.00 • collapsible layout, remaining dw7350 stand model dw7351 - thirteen” folding table portability for setup and only $149.99 reg. $95.00 $sixty nine.Ninety nine take down version dw7352 - 3pc set blades • long lasting sub-base for with buy disposable & reversible whilst qtys. Reg. $81.50 $74.Ninety nine last! Delivered tool life of dw735 version dw7353 - chip collector with • 15 amp powerful motor tube & hose clamp reg. $79.Ninety nine $seventy four.Ninety nine. 99 22 .Ninety nine 237420a 1 7/8" 5/64" 4 3/32" half” $79. Version dai.99 flush trim bits photo b cove bits photograph f fantastic for cutting clean and correct trimming of template for making ornamental cove edgings on all styles of fixtures work or laminates.99 key hollow bits (hang slot bit) picture g dovetail bits photo c the ideal bit for growing slots for nails or screw use those bits for tricky dovetail joints. With the connected ball bearing guide. Length radius length shank rate reducing typical (d) (h) (l) model cutting dai. Perfect creates decorative moldings on furnishings and constructing programs.99 edge beading bit swith bearing manual image h bureaucracy a small radius on a corner.99 3051271 half of” 1” 2 three/4” 1/four” $10.Ninety nine 565318 1 1/four” nine/sixteen” three/8” 2 1/4” 1/4” $18. Shadow boxes and shaker furniture.Ninety nine (d) (h) (l) 305127 half" 1" 2 1/4" 1/four” $ 9.(D) duration (h) period (l) shank charge reducing cutting universal version dai.Ninety nine 375159 five/eight” 1” 2 three/4” 1/4” $14.Ninety nine 305160 five/8” 1” 2 three/four” 1/4” $10. Length radius period shank price (d) (h) (l) cutting cutting universal 655222 7/8” five/eight” 1/eight” 2 3/eight” 1/4” $16. Duration duration shank charge (d) (h) (l) slicing slicing standard model dai. The usage of flutes makes for instant slicing. Cutting slicing basic version dai. Length period shank charge (d) (h) (l) 657318 1 1/four” 1” five/16” 3 1/eight” 1/2” $25. It’s extensively utilized to create convenient finger pulls. Duration period shank fee (d) (h) (l) 525350 1 3/eight” 5/eight” three/16” 2 three/eight” 1/4” $21. For give up grain and edge to side joints. Flush trim v notch bit add a more decorative v to the place of the reducing reducing overall union while pieces come collectively.99 model dai. Picture d with the aid of rotating the board a complete bead is shaped. Use handiest with router desk. Cutting standard model cutting dai. Length radius duration shank fee 305095 three/8" 1" 2 three/four" 1/four” $ eight. Rings packing containers.99 657413 1 five/8” 1 3/8” half of” 3 half” 1/2” $31. Period angle length shank charge 125095 3/eight” 7/16” 1 7/eight” 1/4” $7.Ninety nine 567381 1 half” 5/8” half of” 2 3/4” 1/2” $21. And moldings.99 527350 1 3/eight” five/8” 3/sixteen” 2 3/four” half of” $24. Glue joints for drawers.Ninety nine (d) (h) (a) (l) 107127 half” 1/2” 14o 2 1/four” 1/2” $7. Heads while putting snap shots and cabinets. A b c d e f g h professional finger joint bits photo a classical bits with bearing guide picture e creates a totally robust joint due to the prolonged glue line. Reducing cutting typical version dai.