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What would an American-US Airways merger mean, you?, American us airways merger frequent flyer miles

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What Would An American-US Airways Merger Mean, You? - "we will decide your elite status degree by using looking at your mixed elite‑qualifying interest for 2014, and one by one, your blended 2015 year‑to‑date elite‑qualifying pastime," american says. "It can take some days to switch the entirety, however we'll e-mail you once it's finished.".

As of this weekend, all dividend miles turns into aadvantage miles at a 1:1 ratio starting on saturday, but the technique will take several days. Customers are being ported over in batches, so don't be alarmed in case your partner or buddies get their e mail receipt earlier than you. Do no longer call the airline for information—the entire dividend miles database may be locked and sellers will don't have any get admission to to statistics or even to e-book an award. Similarly to frequent flyer miles, elite miles and lifelong miles will all transfer over. This will increase many to better elite stages and even lifetime elite fame. Us airways does not can help you view your lifetime reputation on-line, so lots of us could be pleasantly surprised!.

Possession of the brand new american can be split with 72 going to amr lenders and 28 to us airways shareholders. It's going to have a marketplace cap of $10.5-eleven billion dollars. The daily operation of the american could be headed through doug parker.

Us airlines elites will become aadvantage elites as soon as their bills are transferred over. This indicates us airlines silver members turns into aadvantage gold, and us airways gold and platinum will both end up aadvantage platinum. Aadvantage handiest has three elite levels versus us airways’ 4, so the 75,000-mile us airlines platinum contributors will get lumped into the 50,000-mile aadvantage platinum stage, something many us airlines elites are not happy approximately. Within the aadvantage program, gold and platinum participants only get complimentary improvements on home quick-haul flights and ought to use earned upgrade certificate to choose flights they want to upgrade, versus the united states airlines model of imparting complimentary enhancements to all.

Most importantly for the brand new american is its elevated reach in beneficial markets on the east coast of the u.S. In current years, as delta/northwest and united/continental merged, they multiplied their presence in the japanese u.S. That left the old american in a weaker function to leverage east coast markets as a base to expand with lucrative routes to europe.