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Add Frequent Flyer To Qantas Booking - Fyi, i did now not get hold of the email however did word the promotion here. I went ahead with it anyway as i had to make a purchase, i waited the 12 weeks that it says within the terms and conditions and the 10k factors had been no longer credited….

Hello keith, so i can be part of as much as collect to get the ten,000 bonus points, spend $100 at a companion consisting of staples to get the more 10,000 bonus points and then switch the complete 20,000 bonus points to qff points without the need to fly in any respect? Efficaciously shopping the factors for much less than 1c each (and getting $100 well worth of goods from staples)?.

For points earned from partners though, including the westpac aquire visa, staples or others, those are transferrable to qantas factors with out the necessities listed above. You’ll nonetheless need to meet the minimum 3,000 factor switch requirement although.

I suppose its vital to be clear, each flyers ought to additionally be individuals of the qantas common flyer scheme. So you need to earn 20000 points consistent with 12 months and also you should have two contributors of the qantas common flyer program flyer at the least once according to 12 months. This last bit makes the service nearly vain for our commercial enterprise.

However, while forty,000 aquire factors is a pleasant one-off bonus, it is able to be higher to study commercial enterprise credit playing cards that earn qantas common flyer points at once or that let you transfer points to the qantas application (for example, the westpac altitude business playing cards). For those that already keep any such cards, the terms for this offer make it clear that the ones “switching or upgrading from an present westpac card” can be ineligible for the sign-up bonus. Of direction, you’ll need to examine the first-rate-print carefully, as there are lots of exclusions for both point earn and sign-up bonuses, in addition to a few caps/thresholds and agreement necessities for some partners. , or with various partners. The points earned on qantas flights are among 30 and 50 of the base common flyer factors earned. I’ll cover this and the partners off in extra detail further down this guide.