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Premium Frequent Flyer Program Virgin America Printed - 1. Higher common flyer program for income — i like incomes points primarily based on miles instead of sales 2. Once in a while better redemption possibilities, especially for first magnificence. I did precisely what you defined above as properly and booked virgin first with alaska because it changed into a higher deal. However virgin primary cabin is usually a higher deal the use of virgin points as opposed to alaska miles. 3. Greater airports and carrier. I’m specially happy about greater service to my domestic airport of sna in which virgin doesn’t fly at all (needed to pressure to lax). Four. Better lounges (alaska has more and better meals offerings and more lounges than virgin) 5. Greater first and premium economic system seats (even though inferior product as cited above).

4) as i used to be de-planing the previous day at sfo, the captain turned into status inside the doorway leading to the flight deck pronouncing goodbye to the passengers. I jokingly stated, “right success getting certified on a boeing,” and this look of both surprise and remedy washed across her face as she replied, “they advised us we received’t should do this for as a minimum 5 years!??.

From my region in berkeley, it’s approx. Forty minutes to okayirrespective of the way you pass (however it varies between 18 and 21 miles). Sfo is more or less an hour to 1.5 hours (if traffic is sincerely horrific), but very quickly after vx began flying, driving to sfo changed into properly well worth it — to me — so as to fly virgin . . . Now not unlike, i would believe, using as much as lax from orange co., Instead of sna (or lgb for that count). [Fwiw, i grew up in la.] Indeed, i’m now so used to flying out of sfo that it hadn’t even crossed my thoughts what the “new” alaska will be doing at oak. Expanding? Contracting? Staying the identical?.

I additionally am obsessed with virgin the us and have held gold repute for years (and silver earlier than that). To summarize my put up from every other thread, the negatives i see to this merger for a virgin gold are many, and they may be vast. They may be:.