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Can I, Delta Frequent Flyer Number On Klm - I've a virgin australia flight subsequent month and no way to get a seat mission from syd to bne. Do you know if there’s something similar you may do. The delta agent on the platinum line said she can’t even see a seat map so there’s no manner for her to e-book a seat for that phase.

@ralph – i agree the delta is plenty higher to it’s elites than klm is. I used to be fb platinum for a yr. Simply terrible. Additionally no unfastened improvements to euro biz? What is up with that fb? Btw, not announcing you could ask free of charge biz enhancements, simply upgrade to say exit or ec seats. All loose to dl medallions on dl flights!.

As you could see, you can pay for ec seats or exit row with usd or fb factors if you have a few. If you are a delta medallion i'd in my opinion no longer do this. I'd grasp the nice seats loose in coach so you at least have a “precise” seat after which after you get “over there” visit the klm crown room or af front room and spot approximately getting go out or ec without cost. They will provide you with a snaky look, but in case you remind them of your skyteam elite popularity and explain how you'll a lot appreciate it, they will most of the time assist you out.

But, you continue to should take the step of also  becoming a member of flying blue  even if you never ever plan to credit score one factor to them. Why? Intra europe flights. Air france remains acting of their ordinary manner and will no longer can help you see train elegance seats. Klm, but, wants to make money off of you. To that end, examine the under:.

Thank you so much for this put up! I used to be capable to pull up a delta award reserving i did these days on klm thru the klm internet site the usage of the delta confirmation wide variety. I used to be capable of see what seat i used to be in and alternate it without a klm flying blue range. Regrettably even though, seat guru did now not have the aircraft configuration of the 737h in their listings. I latterly got platino on aerolineas argentinas and become going to feature that to my booking, however being capable of access it through the klm website with the delta wide variety is really worth retaining it with delta for now. Any recommendation on the way to maximize the elite fame with aerolineas? Could i be capable of get an financial system comfort seat for free or take an additional bag at no fee? I'm flying between nations in europe on klm.