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Premium Air Berlin Frequent Flyer Partners Full Color - On the end of march 2009, a strategic partnership agreement with tui journey was signed, with air berlin and its competitor tuifly shopping 19.Nine percentage of the other's shares.[42] following the deal, air berlin took over all german domestic tuifly routes, as well as the ones to italy, croatia and austria. Also, all of tuifly's boeing 737-700 aircraft have been added to air berlin's fleet. Tuifly was to desert all scheduled flights and depend completely at the constitution commercial enterprise.[43].

In august 2006, air berlin obtained german domestic airline dba.[31] flight operations at dba were persisted as a fully owned subsidiary of air berlin until 14 november 2008, when the dba logo became discontinued because of team of workers strikes (dba workforce had been finally supplied positions with air berlin).

As a usa airline, air berlin become capable of access the west berlin airline marketplace. In the course of the cold war, berlin's unique political repute meant that the air corridors into and out of tegel airport ought to only be utilized by airlines registered in france, the uk or the us. The airline's headquarters have been to start with at tegel airport. Leonard lundgren became the primary chairman.[7].

In june 2008, ceo joachim hunold angry catalan language speakers, while he claimed[37] in an article included in air berlin's in-flight mag that the government of the balearic islands changed into looking to impose the use of catalan on air berlin flights from and to majorca. He claimed that air berlin changed into an global airline and turned into now not obliged to apply catalan. Hunold went directly to criticise the language policy in catalonia and the balearic islands, claiming that on the time many youngsters couldn't communicate any spanish.[38] the balearic islands' president, francesc antich, explained that his authorities had virtually despatched a letter to encourage airlines working in the balearic islands to include catalan most of the languages used for onboard bulletins.[39].

On 28 september 2016, air berlin announced the brand new airberlin, a restructuring project along with the discount of its locations from round a hundred and forty to 70, the focus at the berlin and düsseldorf hubs and on the smaller bases in stuttgart and munich, the closure of six different bases, the focused on of commercial enterprise guests, cognizance on domestic german flights and on flights to italy, scandinavia and japanese europe, the growth of its lengthy-haul community, and the lack of up to one,200 jobs.[93].