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Non Profit Worldpass Frequent Flyer Program Leaflet - I used to be a travel agent when pan am close down, and it was an lousy time all around. I used to be in miami, and our small corporation changed into a huge dealer of pan am. We had seen the writing at the wall, the same as so many others, that awful modifications were coming, but it was nevertheless a bitter pill to swallow. We felt just awful for all of the bad folks that were out of labor. Mockingly, no matter remembering that time vividly, what i don't forget most are all of the wonderful experiences that i had with pan am. According to my mom, whom i had never recognised to deceive me, i flew on the inaugural 747 commercial flight. My first memory of flying changed into on a pan am 747 flight. My first time sitting upstairs in a aircraft. Flying solo to europe. The fun of flying into berlin while the wall was nevertheless there. And such a lot of extra. There were many professional memories that stick with me as well. A journey agent familiarization ride to freeport in summer and not using a a/c at the same time as we have been sporting fits. The various, commonly that pan am would provide a waiver for a purchaser while no other airline could. A hangar party in mia at the vintage national airlines hangar, where i were given to see commercial planes up close and from a exclusive angle. The sheer professionalism of so many of their human beings. Every time i go to my old hometown, i try and go to an ocean side place known as scotty’s landing. It’s a nice area with all outside seating and a comfortable surroundings. A quick distance away is miami city hall. In case you observe the city corridor constructing, you can still make out the winged globes that have been lengthy the symbol of pan am. The building became their vintage headquarters, and the flying boats would go away from there to crisscross the americas. A pleasing little bit of nostalgia. No, i simply have vague recollections of my dad and mom taking a reasonably-priced flight or with them, plus there was a connection with that airline on a simpsons flashback episode wherein homer simpson turned into describing the 12 months 1985 and stated “humans explicit added a generation of hicks to air tour”. This is the overall quantity of my people express information.