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Pal Frequent Flyer - Blogger alex macheras sat down with philippine airways president jaime bautista. Bautista not only shared that his airline would love to sign up for an alliance, however claimed that pal is “now in the process” of becoming a member of one particular alliance. Which one remains tight-lipped, for now. But we are able to attempt to prepare the pieces of the puzzle.

Clearly, none of the alliances need friend. The course map is nearly entirely duplicative via diverse companions. However possibly the old adage “maintain your buddies close and enemies closer” performs out here. Regional “frenemies” can be a higher opportunity to letting philippine airlines get snapped up by any other alliance. My prediction is skyteam.

I'm now not positive if the can be generic by way of any alliance as they have got little to offer. They'll or need to do a partnership or codeshare will aa or dli think is higher whilst the non forestall mnl jfk flights begin, in order to handiest be to permit smooth touting thru us. That non forestall flight is being marked inside the the big apple metro filipino market so will no longer really want to link with anybody truely. In the event that they have survived in this era with out one so long as they have got do they actually need.

Macheras notes that big name alliance is an unlikely suit. That alliance already has numerous key companions inside the location along with singapore airways and thai airlines. ?furthermore, ceo jeffrey goh turned into even even greater express:.

Fly with philippine airlines and earn miles that can be redeemed for flights and carrier magnificence enhancements to destinations of your choice. You may even percentage these with own family and pals. You will also earn miles every time you avail of the products and offerings of our software partners . Is there room for a new alliance possibly? Once alaska combines with jetblue (it’s gonna show up, take a look at the direction maps, it is a herbal suit), they are going to want an alliance to clearly compete with the large boys. Possibly iceland air at the transatlantic side and pal at the transpacific?.