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Frequent Flyer Wiki - Rapidly after the declaration of the us requirement for a whti report for all travelers by means of 2009, cbp and cbsa announced their commitment to streamline the club renewal process for the nexus application, and now will waive the interview for individuals who've now not had modifications to their records and feature maintained their low-danger repute. The usa and canada also introduced that that they had all started enrollment blitzes to expedite the processing of nexus packages and had released an outreach and focus plan to increase membership in nexus.

To qualify for this system, an applicant should be a citizen or everlasting resident of canada or the united states or citizen of mexico that holds a viajero confiable club.[6] permanent residents of the usa or canada might also need to reside of their respective united states for three years before applying for nexus club.[7] a previous requirement to have resided in both us of a for 3 years has been eliminated to allow canadian and american citizens residing abroad, and people who have these days back, to apply for nexus.[8][9] candidates must additionally be legally admissible to each canada and the us, need to have complied with immigration and customs guidelines at some stage in previous journey, and need to undergo a criminal history take a look at. Additionally, if the applicant is underneath 18, each parents need to provide their written consent or attend the interview.[10][6].

Nexus and rapid contributors who aren't citizens of canada or the us are still required to travel with a passport and proof of permanent house, and can be asked to give these files to a border services officer upon arrival at the border.

At the 2016 north american leaders’ summit it became announced that by the cease of 2016, "canadian and american residents who're members of the nexus application might be eligible to use to the viajero confiable software, presenting them with expedited immigration screening upon arrival at choose international airports in mexico,"[14] however as of october 2017 the viajero confiable software does now not yet receive canadian applicants or us nexus card holders who aren't part of global access.[15][16].