Non Profit Frequent Flyer Miles Giveaway 8,000 Free Miles, Spirit Airlines Full Color

8,000 Free Miles, Spirit Airlines, Frequent flyer miles giveaway

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Frequent Flyer Miles Giveaway - The important thing word right here is original routing credit which means that that you name on your primary common flyer program to credit score you the miles for the flights that you were ticketed for, even though you ended up visiting a different route.

I decided to choose the thai airlines flight due to the fact i’m able to credit it to a application (united mileage plus) that is in reality of use to me and it might arrive on the equal time as my at the beginning booked connection (6:30am). The korean air alternative changed into discarded early due to the fact i don’t have any advantage collecting mileage from korean air to any application besides perhaps alaska mileage plan. The front room ke uses in bangkok is likewise quite horrible (air france) and their take a look at-in didn’t open until 4 hours later.

The unique course could have beenin enterprise magnificence on malaysia airways (oneworld) bangkok-kuala lumpur-seoul which i’d have credited to my british airways executive club gold account. With that connection totally messed up yet again by using malaysia airways there had been alternatives for an immediate flight: korean air and thai airways.

For that reason i constantly try to keep at the least two elite levels, one is my star alliance gold and the opposite oneworld emerald. This way i continually have an alternative available if my unique option falls thru including in this example.

Despite the fact that the new flight is on a different alliance that doesn’t accomplice together with your common flyer application there is still a manner you cannot simplest get the miles to your unique booking however additionally double dip and earn miles at a 2d application.

My authentic routing on 9 nov 2017 was bkk-kul-icn on flights mh783 (z elegance)/mh66 (z magnificence) in commercial enterprise class, however because of a 4 hour delay of mh66 in kul, i was rather routed to a right away flight on 9 nov 2017, bkk-icn on flight tg658. Unluckily thai airways is not a oneworld airline and i wasn’t able to accumulate any government club miles or tier factors on this area.