Non Profit Deisel Sound Card, American Flyer American Flyer Cabinet-Top Train Layout Leaflet

American Flyer Cabinet-top Train Layout, Deisel sound card for american flyer

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Non Profit Deisel Sound Card, American Flyer American Flyer Cabinet-Top Train Layout Leaflet - Msrp:  unmarried devices, ac - $249;  twin devices, ac - $479                 single units, dc-highrail or scale - $235;   dual units, dc-highrail or scale -  $459.

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S-scale motorized turntables--- available once more ! It has been numerous years when you consider that we were last capable of market a exceptional turntable appropriate for s-scale layouts. Now we are capable of achieve this another time. These are custom-constructed to your requested diameter--- whatever among sixteen" and  32", in 1" increments. Pit depth can range from 1-half" to two-1/four", in 1/4" increments---- your desire. Comes geared up with a variable-velocity dayton 12-volt dc geared motor already set up and wired, and an elective digital reverse loop relay (features if the turntable rotates over a hundred and eighty stages). Can be powered via any dc powerpack to turn the bridge in either course. Can also be wired for dcc tune electricity at no greater value. (Alternative option: precision stepper motor substituted, for accurate indexing capability.) Pit rail is from american models flextrack. Bridge is protected, but not exact. You supply your very own bridge music of desire. Provided equipped to without difficulty install in a square hollow on your layout ! [Note: the wood frame is 4" wider than the turntable. Thus a 24" turntable requires a 28" square opening. ] A high-quality partner to our distinct s-scale roundhouse package ! ?               please name in, or e-mail,  your order, specifying preferred pit diameter and depth. [Unless you are modeling a specific prototype turntable, we recommend 1-1/2" (8 scale feet) depth. ] ? $485, no matter length !?  add $75 for automatic polarity reversal past 180-diploma swing. Upload $25 for simulated concrete base below the pit rail. Additionally to be had with precision stepper motor for automated, accurate indexing control:  $1139 transport is additional. ?.