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Velocity Frequent Flyer Business - €?it is for members, any member can get worried. Our contributors are our largest advocates, if they have a velocity variety, if they do something engaging we will provide them points, in the event that they do something certainly memorable, we can provide them greater points.

Singapore airlines’ enterprise and primary class products are many of the exceptional within the global. Passengers not only enjoy relaxed and spacious seats (or first magnificence “suites”), however the airline is also famend for its first-rate dining and customer support.

€?this commenced thru the billion point giveaway campaign in which we were relatively self deprecating and we have been reframing. What we are doing now as a logo is effectively handing that emblem second lower back to the individuals in which they start to create the content and that also can feel a touch bit difficult because we don’t surely understand what to expect.

On pinnacle of that, singapore airlines lately increased the cost of award seats. As a result, if the seat you want is to be had through pace, in order to in all likelihood be lots inexpensive than shifting points to krisflyer – however nonetheless, do the sums to verify.

€?we are able to take the best content, the one that definitely represents our brand. If matters ever occur that aren’t our logo they gained’t be provided factors and the first-rate content material, we can put paid media at the back of it, deliver it maximum attain and treat it like an advert campaign, we're simply not the ones capturing it.

Hi kris. Simply questioning if my wife and that i observe for say the amex card in one in all our names (and the opposite possibly has a supplementary card) such that the points will be only going to at least one individual, as a long way as i can see. Can the card holder use points to purchase tickets for themselves and their accomplice?.

To launch the marketing campaign, che proximity has created a 90-2d ‘name to earns’ film which has been designed as a name to movement to inspire the state to get to realize velocity and provide you with exciting approaches to sell the initiative.