Mega Collection United Frequent Flyer Questions UA Initiates Account Security Update (New Security Q&A Printing

UA initiates Account Security Update (new Security Q&A, United frequent flyer questions

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United Frequent Flyer Questions - I mean, with a dozen options for every query, and with (say) 3 inquiries to be answered efficiently, you're looking at approximately 1700 opportunities. Lockout after (say) 10 failed attempts, and bruteforce isn't a problem anymore.

In february, united airlines determined to make this system both extra and much less traumatic while it rolled out a set of protection modifications to its mileageplus accounts, inclusive of new safety questions with a drop-down listing of feasible answers as opposed to a blank space with a purpose to type your own. For those of us who've problem choosing favorite books or movies, it made matters a touch simpler, in that it decreased the list of viable answers to a achievable 29 or 30 options. Of course, if your favourite pizza topping turned into no longer a number of the limited choices supplied, the percentages which you might do not forget having chosen giardiniera or za’atar or mashed potato (is that a pizza topping?) Are pretty narrow.

Due to the concerns about keylogger malware, united “purposely chose to apply preregistered answers as our first form of superior authentication to defend against this keystroke logging.?? this makes experience—if you’re now not typing in a response, then the keylogger this is reputedly nearly positive to be set up on your device in case you frequently fly united cannot capture that reaction.

So answering security questions can be complicated. You want to select something that’s now not so clean everybody trying to get into your account may be able to without problems determine it out (see: mother’s maiden name, city where you were born, excessive faculty), but no longer so difficult which you run a very good hazard of being not able to retrieve your solution several years down the street (see: pretty a good deal the whole thing else).

There are numerous different things that don’t make tons sense, although, which includes why a person who mounted a keylogger on your gadget might bother with your airline website protection question. As an alternative, he will be intercepting and exploiting all of your passwords for quite plenty every account you have. (In case you are involved approximately keyloggers, there are a number of other feasible lines of safety, including using a password supervisor to enter passwords, copying and pasting a password from a at ease usb power, and two-component authentication.).