Mega Collection Royal Jordanian Frequent Flyer Taking Advantage Of Royal Jordanian'S Status Match Opportunity Printing

Taking Advantage Of Royal Jordanian's Status Match Opportunity, Royal jordanian frequent flyer

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Taking Advantage Of Royal Jordanian'S Status Match Opportunity - Amman, oct. Three, 2018 - royal jordanian released an all-new frequent flyer application that offers unswerving, common travelers a greater rewarding, appealing and flexible package deal sporting the name of royal club; it replaces the vintage royal plus. Moreover, platinum hawk, gold sparrow, silver jay and bronze sunbird at the moment are the brand new names of royal club club tiers, giving them a extra jordanian identity.

Top-tier participants -- platinum hawk and gold sparrow -- at the moment are entitled to exclusive privileges and benefits in popularity of their persevered help and loyalty to rj at some stage in the years. Relying at the membership tier, a few added advantages include complimentary improvements on rj flights, guaranteed economic system seats on fully booked flights and nominating a gold-tier associate (every platinum hawk member can nominate a gold accomplice).

Through royal membership, royal jordanian also enhances the individuals’ on line revel in and services as now, members should buy, transfer, gift and donate miles online. Members can now buy miles either on-line or through rj workplaces to pinnacle up their debts with needed award miles to qualify for the award in their choice, or they could present them to any other member as a present by means of crediting the bought miles to the selected member’s account. Moreover, members can now transfer miles effortlessly among any accounts any time, whether on-line or offline, for a fixed transfer price. Royal club contributors also can use their miles to assist the combat towards cancer by donating their miles to king hussein most cancers basis and center.

Apr 01, 2019 - conforming to legal guidelines and policies concerning corporations’ disclosure of economic statements, royal jordanian has submitted its economic disclosure declaration to the jordan securities commission (jsc) and the amman stock exchange (ase) and groups manipulate department (ccd), which includes the monetary consequences for the 2018 monetary yr - authorised by way of the board of directors headed by using chairman h.E. Eng. Said samih darwazah.?.

Inside the presence of rj chairman of the board said darwazeh, president/ceo stefan pichler addressed the attendees at some point of the rite: “we're thrilled to show a strong loyalty program that is more worthwhile and bendy than ever before. We guarantee that you may both revel in and gain out of your membership in our royal club. Our objective is to further recognize and interact our existing participants at the same time as, on the equal time, drive loyalty, retention and acquisition of recent members.??.