Frequent Velocity Frequent Flyer Transfer Bonus Velocity Transfer Bonus, Redemption Discount Guide, Point Hacks Full Color

Velocity transfer bonus, redemption discount guide, Point Hacks, Velocity frequent flyer transfer bonus

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Velocity Transfer Bonus, Redemption Discount Guide, Point Hacks - I’m a piece past due to the party with the factor hacks business and have began reading your guides but i’d just like some advise on whether or not to take advantage of this bonus moving from commbank diamond awards or the use of the factors at flight centre? I've a marriage to attend in bali subsequent june and could likely tour on to any other se asian country from there.

Can someone please affirm i’ve performed this efficaciously?! (Its not in particular person pleasant as you in all likelihood understand). B. Visit redeem factors > frequent flyer and airmiles > speed switch from anz rewards card (exp) – observe that there’s no mentiopn of any bonus anywhere. C. I need to move four hundred,000 anz rewards to get hold of 2 hundred,000 pace factors.

Pardon me – typo! Platinum part earns ascent factors, no longer gateway points. Have updated the thing to clarify it's far most effective those three playing cards earning ascent premium points that are eligible for the elite status promoting.

Just nowadays i received a ‘centered’ email from velocity supplying 18 bonus for transfer to velocity. The offer is valid to 14th feb 2018 (although it had commenced on 1st feb 2018, or 6 days before i obtained the e-mail). The special offer is made of the present day 15 bonus available to all, and 3 to be had to centered e-mail recipients. I don’t realize what makes me eligible for this special provide – perhaps due to the fact i never converted flybuys factors to velocity, or maybe due to the fact i am pace gold, i don’t recognise, it doesn’t say why they have got chosen me. More three became a terrific sufficient incentive for me to transform the maximum annual quota of 138000 flybuys points and as i write this text, velocity points are already displaying in my account, that’s much less than 12 hrs when i caused the transfer. The bonus factors are presented as follows – 15 without delay on switch, and the greater three up to 4 weeks after the expiry of merchandising. If curious why i went beforehand with this switch – whilst 3 greater bonus was admittedly a tipping point, i'm additionally bored to death with the etihad guest ongoing problems with their internet site. After the nicely publicised spell of log-in troubles and ‘en masse’ conversion of log-in passwords, their gadget is plating up again, putting forward my etihad visitor password, which was forcibly made to be changed a few months in the past and ordinary with the aid of them, now declared too vulnerable and made to be changed again – even though unsuccessfully, which means i not recognize which of the numerous new passwords i attempted is now registered with them, but none gets me into my etihad guest account. So, i determined i'm executed with etihad and could by no means once more switch flubuys factors into etihad guest account once more. To make certain i keep on with my own promise, i redeemed the closing etihad visitor miles on the future ride, which leaves me at close to 0 balance, and prepared to close off the etihad guest all the time. I have had a hate-hate relationship with them for the past 6 years, and fancy the modest three more flybuys bonus for switch to velocity tipping me over the threshold! It sure ought to have been a terrible dating i had with etihad, and like with all terrible relationships, one hopes the accomplice will trade, however they by no means do. Any more, all my flybuys factors will be going to velocity, bonus or no bonus offers for transfers.