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Frequent Usair Merger Frequent Flyer Miles Full Color - Us airlines elites will become aadvantage elites once their accounts are transferred over. This indicates us airways silver contributors will become aadvantage gold, and us airways gold and platinum will both become aadvantage platinum. Aadvantage only has three elite stages versus us airways’ four, so the 75,000-mile us airways platinum contributors gets lumped into the 50,000-mile aadvantage platinum level, some thing many us airlines elites are not happy approximately. Within the aadvantage program, gold and platinum contributors most effective get complimentary upgrades on home quick-haul flights and need to use earned improve certificates to select flights they want to upgrade, as opposed to the usa airlines version of imparting complimentary enhancements to all.

On wednesday, the  federal aviation management (faa) permitted american airways’ unmarried working certificate. Because the merger in 2013, the 2 carriers have flown underneath separate working certificate from the faa. But, as of wednesday, the faa will acknowledges that they can legally perform as one airline beneath a single operating certificate, so that it will perform underneath the name of american airlines.

"we're going to decide your elite popularity level via searching at your blended elite‑qualifying pastime for 2014, and one by one, your mixed 2015 year‑to‑date elite‑qualifying hobby," american says. "It may take a few days to transfer the entirety, but we're going to e mail you as soon as it is completed.".

"we do not have a specific date to percentage yet, but the merger will take place within the subsequent 30 days," nedbal said. "We desired to slim the time frame for our clients due to the fact there are plenty of key technology additives that want to appear before we will merge, however will proportion the date as soon as we have it.".

Airline mergers do not appear overnight. In truth, they may be highly regulated and technical affairs, in particular in relation to managing the common flyer applications. At the same time as the yank airlines/us airlines merger turned into introduced in december 2013, the real frequent flyer merger will take place this coming weekend, and there are 3 key stuff you must know about it:.