Frequent Us Airways American Airlines Frequent Flyer ANALYSIS: Exploring Progress Made In, American Airlines-US Full Color

ANALYSIS: Exploring Progress Made in, American Airlines-US, Us airways american airlines frequent flyer

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Frequent Us Airways American Airlines Frequent Flyer ANALYSIS: Exploring Progress Made In, American Airlines-US Full Color - Gary, what without a doubt strikes me is the “human” apologetic tone utilized in explaining the adjustments. It might be kinda fine if aa sounded as friendly and worrying after they lop off yet any other elite gain, no?. Some philadelphia – europe routes will see legacy american airways 757s and 767s as a result. This is right for clients. It method seeing planes with completely flat seats on the transatlantic routes, that's something that american has dedicated to so shouldn’t come as a marvel (and it was not going they had been going to reconfigure leased 757s). However the legacy us airways flight attendants who are dropping some europe flying are not in any respect satisfied, due to the fact they received’t get to paintings the ones flights until american completes flight attendant integration. The airline handed out massive raises to employees but that is in all likelihood to undermine some of the goodwill that they had hoped for. Right here’s a memo sent to philadelphia-based totally flight attendants from american airlines community making plans, via flyertalk moderator twa884: community making plans, team operations and flight service thursday, june eight, 2017 all phl-based totally flight attendants summer time 2018 phl worldwide flying that is the time of year we begin loading our flight schedules into sabre (our reservations system) for the following summer season. You could have visible on social media that the phl-lis direction is converting from a lus aircraft to a laa plane beginning in april 2018. First, we are pretty sorry in case you observed out this manner. We’re seeking to be as transparent with you as feasible – particularly on matters that have an effect on your paintings lifestyles – and our plan become to share this aircraft switch once we had a higher photograph of the total summer schedule. Alas this change become loaded into sabre in advance. To keep away from some thing similar happening in the future, we want to percentage the whole thing we realize approximately subsequent summer’s flying, including the historical past in this switch and some other changes you’ll see in 2018. We're within the technique of retiring a number of the boeing 757 (“b75h”) plane traditionally flown to our hawaii markets. We don’t personal those plane and the general public of our rentals are set to expire. Unfortunately, extending our hire isn’t possible because the lessor has already committed these plane to different airways. While searching at what plane to position on routes, we need to do not forget our network and fleet as a whole. The first-class decision to backfill them is to apply the b757s (“b75e”) presently deployed in phl-lis, phl-gla and phl-snn. Meaning we need to put new plane on those phl-based totally worldwide flights. As a result, we will be assigning laa b757s and b767s to phl-lis, phl-gla and phl-snn for summer time 2018. These are the plane that first-rate healthy client demand, level period and other variables. Till foi in october 2018, it also manner these seasonal routes ought to be flown by means of laa-based flight attendants. Similarly, subsequent summer season we are able to be including new seasonal global routes from phl that will additionally be flown with laa b767s. We fully apprehend how massive of a deal that is. At the same time as none of those changes will bring about flight attendant displacements or furloughs, we understand the results this may have on folks that want to fly these routes and the overall impact this can have on individuals who choose to fly excessive time each month. From our base visits we also recognise that lots of you're really upset approximately the put off of flight attendant operational integration (foi). This, blended with the news of the metallic swaps on these premium international routes next summer season, makes it even tougher. You've got our commitment that we are able to provide you with options to make this higher for you and make certain you aren't negatively impacted. We're looking at lots of things we are able to do and will proportion greater within the next month or two as soon as the full summer agenda is finalized. Phl is and could continue to be a key hub in our international network. Although it doesn’t experience this manner now, this may be extra flying for phl as a hub, and ultimately for you. Again, this isn't always the manner we anticipated breaking this news and we virtually make an apology. As soon as we’ve firmed up our plan, we’ll proportion the ones details and could be in phl to reply your questions face-to-face. Within the intervening time, we’ve started out an online often requested questions (faqs) web page that’s posted to crew exchange. Vice chairman, network making plans vice president, crew operations vice chairman, flight service ultimately we ought to see a couple of extra philadelphia – europe routes introduced and that need to please philadelphia-based totally flight attendants. Extra from view from the wing.