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United Frequent Flyer Forgot Password - Is so screwed up that i regularly ought to clean cookies to make a reserving. You could tell it uses cookies in that it regularly recalls a previous search you probably did. Symptom is you're reserving a rt and after deciding on the outbound flight you get a meaningless blunders” and awaiting capacity troubles and issues in the future, flyertalk member mojaveflyer requested, “so i think on every occasion i do this i’ll have to pull up my report that lists the answers (due to the fact i in reality can’t take into account my answers to a person else’s questions) and affirm again???.

€?using my ipad and accessing thru united’s app: challenged, spoke back in which i used to be informed that ‘some thing went wrong’ and to try again”, flyertalk member goalie pronounced. ??attempted again with the identical end result. Tapped the home icon at the app and to my surprise that even after being instructed that ‘some thing went incorrect’, i was logged in and able to get right of entry to my account, reservations and and many others”.

In case you contact united airways via phone, you'll be requested in your password while using the automated machine or for your safety solutions while you talk to a consultant of united airlines. ??for security purposes, in case you’re requested in your password you will simplest need to percentage the primary 5 characters.??.

I logged in thru safari browser and clicked the “bear in mind this device” alternative. Then, i wondered what could show up if i used chrome. I did. And that i needed to go through the security questions once more. Seemingly it’s more of a “consider this browser on this tool” option.

€?in august 2016, we’ll also upload two-aspect authentication to the sign-in procedure. You’ll be asked to answer your protection questions the first time you sign up on an internet browser and tool that we don’t recognize. Examples of net browsers consist of google chrome, internet explorer, safari and mozilla firefox. In case you sign up from a brand new browser, you’ll be requested your protection questions even in case you’ve signed in from the identical tool earlier than.??.