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IG Asia Partners Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to be, first, Frequent flyer miles broker

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Frequent Frequent Flyer Miles Broker Printed - So i exploit the boyfriend solution to avoid suspicion. Niole’s loving boyfriend, so eager for her to tour the world, will foot the bill for the miles. As quickly as i ship this, i wonder whether i need to have noted i have a boyfriend. Maybe he’d tell me extra approximately his operation if he thought he had a threat to affect me.

A number of their procedures are probably pretty innocent, like this little screengrab from the mileage club with a countdown timer. Oh no! Simplest 18 hours left, i’d higher pass quickly to cozy this exquisite deal!.

I, and plenty of different singapore-based totally common flyers, felt indignant, betrayed even, that squaredid this because it diluted our difficult earned miles, however on the end of the day, it made monetary sense for sq.To accomplice up with amex rewards, citi thanks and chase last rewards on the way to earn the incremental revenue this is gathered when american cardholders transfer points into the krisflyer ffp. I don’t like that, however don't forget, sq’s loyalty isn't to you. It's miles to their shareholders.

However here’s my preferred feel on the 5 sites i checked out: i don’t think any of them are outright scams. I’m not inclined to send them some thousand to check it, however the economics of their enterprise version is sound enough (they buy the miles reasonably-priced and sell them at a small earnings, see the following section) that it doesn’t need to be a take your cash and run factor.

But it doesn’t count, daniel goes ahead and does the transfer without even awaiting me to make fee! And he’s so candy, he’s even long past and translated the screenshot so i know what’s happening. I assume i is probably in love.

It appears to be numerous work and risk for a small save which can be made larger in other methods. The singapore airways/krisflyer website online states and economy price ticket from singapore to copenhagen would cost 38000 factors. At us$18 in step with a thousand factors, that’s $684.