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Can I Transfer Qantas Frequent Flyer Points - Sorry if the question has already been asked. If my wife transfers her krisflyer to her speed and we've pooling set up to pool to my account, will the switch undergo? Or will the points be caught in some form of limbo?.

Hi matt we have followed your guide and were given to the factor of trying to switch 205205 pace points into krisflyer account , when we click the switch button we maintain getting an blunders message announcing “the request contained invalid or incomplete records. Please try submitting request once more”.

Seems like the fine choice, analyzing your previous posts, could be to transfer sufficient factors to speed in early april in 2015, after which 2016,, to permit booking flights enterprise virgin to san fran /- east coast extension….

Mark, how a long way in advance did you make the bookings? What degree did you pay to your flights? I have >1.6 million altitude points and puzzled about using them to fly to europe june-july next yr.

Keith – i lately got an anz black rewards card that gives 2 points in step with $1 spend, and people points convert at the fee of 2:1 into velocity points (ie. 5k gets you 2.5k pace) or three:1 into sq.Points.

Simply did a look for a one-manner, one-person trip mel-(sin)-lhr in commercial enterprise elegance, and suggests up as ninety five,000 kf miles, which then with 15 online reserving discount is eighty,750 kf miles. You would possibly have been searching at first elegance, that is a hundred and fifty,000 kf miles prior to bargain, but 127,500 kf miles with 15 discount. Each seem to be just below $500 in surcharges. Wish that allows, alex!. You’ll get the most value out of your points in case you use them for an outright redemption, as opposed to the usage of them for element-points, component-cash. However, it’s up to you a way to use your factors. For the equal course, va has availability almost everyday in case you book a ways in advance, where as sq.Is still wait listed most of the time on saver award, and it is lots greater handy to fly va without delay instead of through sin and nrt! Also with the new va enterprise elegance coming up, it is arguably higher product than sq’s regional commercial enterprise class that is configured at 2-2-2 and with angled lie-flat.