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Booking an economy flight with your points will provide over three times the value, with financial system flights well worth $17 for 1,000 points (up from $thirteen). You could do even better by booking a enterprise flight, with those routes now worth $62 (up from $50) to your factors.

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Last 12 months, we investigated the excellent manner to spend common flyer points in australia. At the same time as the rate of flights adjustments all the time, the number of frequent flyer points required to e-book unique routes adjustments less often. Though, qantas recently extended the variety of factors required to e-book upgrades, with the exact change varying across one-of-a-kind routes. How has this, mixed with the fluctuations in flight costs, affected the cost you could get on your common flyer factors throughout the market?. But, with the aid of some distance the exceptional cost can nevertheless be attained by paying for a ordinary economy flight after which using you factors for an improve. Whilst this used to get you $85 in cost, that has now fallen to $seventy five across the marketplace taking into consideration the new factor requirements from qantas. So while factor requirements and flight costs do trade, one element does not - to get the fine bang in your greenback, keep out for that upgrade.