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Amadeus partners with Velocity Frequent Flyers, digital, Virgin velocity frequent flyer partners

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Free Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer Partners Leaflet - Premium lounge entry: my maximum frequented airports are sydney and melbourne. In sydney, you could get dropped off on the front door of the virgin lounge, avoiding protection within the terminal. I not often travel locally with more than carry on, and being capable of pass through uncrowded protection, straight thru the top rate access is sport changing. Furthermore in melbourne, the virgin living room has a premium exit, additionally permitting you to avoid widespread protection and increasing a while enjoyable before your flight.

So, being the start of a new year, i notion i’d take this opportunity to prepare an article approximately why i selected to awareness on virgin over qantas, because it’s now not just who you with the fly most, however additionally who you want to fly with within the future. With a bit of luck this facts will assist making a decision which program to consciousness on, and that allows you to resource you in reaching your tour desires in 2016 and past.

Over the weekend, i were given a call from the very friend i referenced in last week’s article about flying singapore first class suites with virgin speed points. He said, ‘it’s a brand new yr, and it’s time to sort this out, what credit card ought to i choose???. My answer was the identical one i supply to every body who asks me what credit card they should select, ‘who do you do the most flying with, virgin (and their companions) or qantas (and their partners)??? like many corporates, pete’s choice is made all of the more hard with the aid of the truth that he’s often pressured to fly both providers, as he makes journeys to various locations noticed around the country, and his paintings is glad to book both carrier, prioritising flexibility over price.

What’s even more devastating to the qantas case is the value of american’s airlines common flyer application aadvantage. After selecting virgin for all of my home travel, i’ve all started to attribute qantas tour to my aadvantage account. American require you to fly at the least four segments on american to hit platinum repute, but that’s now not a large problem if you journey to the states as soon as a year. I lately completed a five phase return experience to l. A. From nyc and became provided my platinum status (oneworld sapphire reputation) after allocating all of my oneworld alliance journey over the year to aadvantage.