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Velocity Or Qantas Frequent Flyer - Earning – nicely there may be one way to provide your self a big factors balance, and that’s to take out a new credit score card. There are numerous rewards based totally credit score playing cards in the marketplace in order to do you points for either software. Usually you may get a one-off factors boost of up to one hundred,000 points on either application by doing away with the credit card and spending a positive amount of cash within the first 3 months.

Incomes factors on both is a fairly comparable revel in. I ought to country that i am a member of both. And thusly i have been seeking to get the maximum out of both of the memberships. I'm yet to simply redeem a speed point, however that should change next yr. I’ve flown now usually on qantas factors.

That’s a rough precis of the way to earn your points. Now, spending them. Nicely you go to the respective internet site and see what you need. The qantas internet site for frequent flyer bookings is easier than it was. It was hard to find the right web page to make a common flyer booking. I discovered virgin’s pretty simple too.

Qantas have their own on line keep and are partnered with several organizations who will reward you with qantas points, pace do the equal but from my experience there are extra options for qantas. I’ve been incomes pace points via virgin cell (soon to quit operations in australia) and also you may collect pace points at bp service stations.

The opposite major way i earn factors is thru flybuys and woolworths rewards playing cards. Each regularly run specials, if you spend x quantity of bucks in per week or a shop for 4 weeks in a row they'll provide you with 10,000 bonus factors. Flybuys converts to pace points, you do this manually over the net, woolworths rewards to qantas, and they convert periodically and also you need to pick out this options otherwise points convert to financial savings. In both times, 2000 points with flybuys or woolwoths rewards will convert into 870 points in their respective common flyer partnerships.