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Free Klm Frequent Flyer Lufthansa KLM'S, Vegas Gamble, Live, Let'S Fly Full Color - And sure, if an possibility presents itself to fly klm’s 747-400 combi earlier than she’s retired, i would love to, as that might pretty a great deal permit me to have flown every model of the 747 besides the -300 and the -8i, together with the fantastic 18 hours among athens, greece and johannesburg, south africa through lisbon, portugal in 1st magnificence where there had been simply three passengers, consisting of a vip who knew the group properly as a normal commuter on that flight, and it became a party like no other ever had earlier than or since at the incredible 747-sp which to this day remains the exceptional flight ever taken!.

Of direction some of these plans should alternate. A spokesman informed ain online, “we expect the section-out of the 747s to complete in 2021, however additionally this could nonetheless alternate.?? the handiest trade i'm hoping for is a in addition put off to the queen’s retirement. There may be nonetheless no plane love it within the sky.

Economic system consolation on a 747-combi needs to be one of the better deals inside the sky. I love the 2-abreast seating adjoining to the galley wall – the extra area to the proper of the seats is awesome. I love that klm flies these to ord and will be sad to look them cross – their e is the best economic system seat to europe.

Klm flies a fleet of 12 boeing 747-400 combis. The plan changed into to absolutely retire this aircraft kind by way of cease of 2020, changing it with airbus a350-900s.?but klm is deferring shipping of its first a350-900 till 2021. Meaning klm 747s have to continue to be the sky for at the least an additional yr.

Constantly love listening to information that her majesty the queen will stay in service in place of being solid aside like an old, undesirable, shoe (as so many other airways have achieved) and changed by using vastly inferior – for passengers of all instructions considering that nothing beats the certainly, and in fact simplest, pointy end of the the front cabin in the nose of a boeing 747, or of path, the very personal and ‘one-of-a-kind’ experience of the upper deck for premium instructions, not to say the a long way more spacious economy cabin plus the six (or so) greater bathrooms (as opposed to similar ability densified 777s) which might be found handiest on the queen, and none of her different massively inferior (plebeian) boeing replacements which include the dreaded, and appalling, 9 abreast 787, or any ten abreast, “densified” 777s which i'd believe are similarly terrible based totally on others’ accounts, along with my partner, whom after simply (2) ua transcon flights ewr-sfo-ewr in june, 2017, or even in e , stated “never, ever, again” and switched all of his transcon flights (three-5 per year) to delta’s comfort (which, btw, delta, turned into no longer nearly as appropriate as it was once on his ultimate journey in late june).