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In the course of the bologna reform, in the academic yr 2005/06 the branch brought undergraduate and graduate programs. The brand new program emerged out of the specific economic surroundings in croatia, the historical past of croatian ethnology and the need to synchronize with comparable applications in europe. One of the major dreams of this system of ethnology and cultural anthropology was its acknowledgment by the vacationer enterprise. Graduate software is particularly directed at the applicability of ethnological and anthropological know-how inside the marketplace. Tourism emerged as a key zone for the application of ethnology, in addition to media and regions requiring some shape of qualitative research. The marketplace for graduates are still public institutions, including museums, conservation institutes, etc. And tourism.

1874 the zagreb college, together with what is these days the school of humanities and social sciences, became reformed and completely reconstructed. In university curricula ethnological and folkloristic subjects had been found in courses inside the chair of slavic philology, where armin pavić taught the course croatian folk songs, tomo maretić taught the path the religion of old slavs, and dragutin boranić held a seminar at the slavic peasant home. At the chair of geography petar matković studied and posted tour writing, and he changed into additionally the secretary of the committee for deciding on objects for the ethnographic exhibition in moscow in 1867, which became additionally to serve as a coaching for the foundation of the ethnographic section of the countrywide museum in zagreb. In his lectures on art records, archaeology and cultural history, iso kršnjavi, lecturer on the chair for records of artwork and art archaeology, used facts gathered in his very own fieldwork on croatian handicrafts, in particular the ones related to textile, but also information located in contemporary ethnological literature and assets.