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So have they quadrupled their e-mail aid team ? As it took bloody ages to get a response earlier than and you’d usually want at the least four emails to get them to recognize what you were truly asking in the first electronic mail.

They make it so complicated! I known as to exchange the date of my ticket they advised me you want to ship a request on line! I did! I acquired the reply after 3 days! And they spoke back “ lamentably, redemption seats are presently unavailable as a result we are not able to method your request.?? and requested me to write down a new request !!!!! They change the popularity to resolved!.

Nicely this comes as a piece of a wonder. The day gone by i wrote approximately how etihad airways is increasing their buy on board menu in economy, and is eliminating personal televisions on their fleet of a320s and a321s. Nowadays there may be some other assertion from a gulf….

A entire crock of bs company spin i’d be a terrified to fly with them revenue or award if you may’t get via to a person in case of a trouble or difficulty they could as well liquidate as far as i’m worried as i can never be a client that’s how twa treated award requests right before they went out of commercial enterprise. Although there has been no on line in those days you had to mail in a request possibly they aren’t to a long way behind! Top rate carrier lol provide me a spoil! Pathetic.

Qatar airlines has just announced a horrible “enhancement” (as they like to name it) to their privileges club loyalty program. As of march 2, 2018, all qatar airways privileges club offerings will be available on line, and as of march eleven, 2018, qatar airlines will no longer be supporting account sports via ticketing offices, touch facilities, or any other offline channels.