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Luxair - The greater you operate your credit card miles & extra luxair bcee, the extra you acquire treasured miles for your account. Redeem them without spending a dime luxair flight awards or commercial enterprise elegance enhancements, motel lodges, journeys, life-style merchandise, client electronics, and so on. Looking for a free flight? Redeem your miles with luxair!?.

Sign-up for the mastercard miles & extra luxair bcee and revel in its numerous blessings. It combines the blessings of a globally diagnosed credit score card with the extraordinary services presented with the aid of europe’s largest common flyer application: miles & greater. Sign-up for credit card!?.

mastercard miles & more commercial enterprise luxair card members are entitled to 1 greater piece (up to 23kg) in economy class and 1 greater piece (as much as 32kg) in commercial enterprise class, and always 1 free clubs and a 2nd hand baggage on luxair flights.

After you reach a sure range of miles, you convert your membership repute: common flyer, senator, hon. With every new reputation, you could experience plenty of extra advantages with miles & extra picks. Common travelers can select front room vouchers for a travel companion or cut price vouchers, among different benefits. Senators and hon circle contributors can opt for evouchers for enhancements to a better tour elegance, together with a 'accomplice card' for own family individuals and friends. All you have to do is fly – and, when you have performed the specified number of miles, pick out from the extra blessings, and select benefits that suit you.

Luxair luxembourg airlines has applied the brand new “piece idea” luggage allowance on all its flights.?the piece idea entitles luxair passengers to expanded free luggage allowance with a particular wide variety of protected bags items, relying on reserving magnificence, in keeping with fundamental international and european airlines’ regulations. Maximum weight consistent with piece of bags applies and varies consistent with economy class and business class.

As a partner of miles & greater, the leading common flyer application in europe, luxair offers you the possibility to also grow to be member of miles and more. The program permits you to acquire miles and to redeem them against free premium flights, commercial enterprise class upgrades and a chain of different products and services. Fly with luxair and acquire treasured award miles, popularity miles, hon circle miles and choose miles. You may also collect award miles by way of the use of your mastercard miles & more luxair bcee.