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50 Lovely Frequent Flyer App, Speak2Net.Com - Qantas travel money (formerly ‘qantas coins’) is the flying kangaroo’s personal pre-paid tour card. The card allows you to top up a balance, at locked in forex prices, for use overseas at any service provider that accepts credit card. You could additionally get hold of qantas factors each on topping up and spending, which is a extremely good characteristic. @b2dz: doesn't without a doubt assist an awful lot while you're on a flight this is often commercial enterprise guests with reputation. Flying to cbr from mel for the federal price range this yr, the concern line became longer than the same old line.

You can pay for a qantas club membership. I've a reduced company club which i pay $290 a yr for. As i commonly fly on bargain/sale bucket tickets, i don't get sufficient sc's to reach gold most years so i locate terrific cost in it given how lots i travel and once i do hit gold, it pauses till i drop lower back to silver. No deal. Masses of ways to get it unfastened. Easiest is to just use a foreign adress (make up one if you dont have a overseas one - my one was in siberia!). Sign on is then free. Soon as you get a memberships range then exchange the adress back to your aus adress.

Lower back in the mid-90's i purchased a existence membership to the qantas club for $3k. It changed into a number of cash at the time, however i've recouped it generally over. They don't provide this anymore. The arena-huge front room get right of entry to is surely beneficial, however i doen't recognize if i'd be willing to fork out the once a year rate in recent times. I am questioning if all people definitely paid for it, all different airlines even provide free factors for join up, and qantas is probably handiest one fee membership fee, and to australia and nz resident simplest, it is sort of shame.

@b2dz: yep but in syd & mel, jq domestic takes off from terminals on contrary ends of the qf terminal so it's a 10-15 minute stroll. No longer terrible when you have time, but forget it if you don't. Worldwide is the identical terminal so no troubles there.