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Connect Westjet Frequent Flyer Registration Design - Your westjet greenbacks can be used to pay partial fares (not taxes). So sure, you should be capable of use your wjd to cover your base fare partner fare and then pay in coins what’s due. Note that only the base fare counts (not taxes). The best fare that doesn’t count number in the direction of tier qualification is econo (lowest) that is similar to ac’s primary fare and is handiest to be had on very choose routes.

Hello barry, what's going to happened to my accrued wj dollars if i cancelled my credit score card elite mastercard rbc? My condition modified and i'm not traveling sufficient anymore. Will i be nonetheless eligible to a associate voucher for the closing 12 months of being a credit score card holder?. Yes, the whole lot you stated approximately wj rewards is correct which is why it’s one of the pleasant airline rewards applications obtainable. Westjet has certainly ordered larger planes so that they’ll be capable of fly to greater destinations within the destiny.

One of the foremost upgrades to the westjet rewards program is which you now preserve your repute for the subsequent 12 months. You do want to keep the qualifying flight spend in every successive 12 months, but you no longer reset to teal like earlier than. All phrases, situations and restrictions relevant to westjet rewards are established by westjet and shall apply to all bookings, tour arrangements and other services presented or furnished with the aid of westjet. Westjet, not royal bank of canada, is liable for westjet rewards.

One disadvantage to rbc westjet card, is that for checked baggage fee to be waived, number one card holder has to tour. So if your spouse is not the primary card holder and that they tour alone (with out primary card holder), they should pay the charge, even if you have cards. ($149 according to year i suppose for 2 playing cards). So one disadvantage to the “loose checked bags”. €?no. Westjet rewards is an individual visitor software. Eligible spend will most effective be applied to the account belonging to the individual whose name and westjet rewards id fits those performing at the reserving. This also applies for bookings made for children. To earn westjet greenbacks, every character visitor should be part of westjet rewards and have their own westjet rewards identity.??.