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Velocityrewards, Hash Tags, Deskgram - You’ll be aware that “pay with miles” will nevertheless be grayed out, but it will nonetheless be selected from the previous seek. Click on on “refine seek” and the domestic award area will show.

Redeeming virgin atlantic flying club miles calls for no snake oil at all. For virgin atlantic or delta flights, genuinely tick “pay with miles” when appearing a look for flights anywhere they fly. For other airways you may redeem your virgin atlantic flying membership miles on, you’ll want to call virgin atlantic after locating the seats you’d like the use of points. Just don’t say “revenue management”.

How: the united airways internet site is once more the quality place to go looking availability for seats on air new zealand the usage of flying club miles. If you find a flight using points at the “saver” stage at the united website, you may ignore the fee in factors they quote, and make contact with virgin to get a higher deal. 15,000 points for up to 8 hours in enterprise elegance is a true scouse borrow.

Click on the middle tab “us & canada” and also you’ll see a listing of us and canadian states. Scroll all the way down to the kingdom you want. While selected, all of the cities with airports in that kingdom will display. Pick your preferred metropolis and the search container can be nicely populated.

The website will show availability for ana in both first or commercial enterprise. If you locate “saver” availability in first or enterprise on flights you’d like, certainly name virgin atlantic to book. Forget about the charges discovered on united, they may be inappropriate. Virgin atlantic will charge more or less 1/2!.

What: delta enterprise magnificence among america and asia is simply 60,000 points with no surcharges. Us and europe (in both direction) is just 50,000 factors. This is a ways fewer points than delta themselves could charge for these flights! So even in case you’re a “delta individual”, keep in mind the usage of virgin miles for delta flights. This also works for flights in the us.