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Us Bangla Frequent Flyer - The captain’s calls to the tower are clean and do now not display any signs and symptoms of strain, even though he is not studying back effectively and repeatedly asks the identical questions. It’s clear that he's not able to cope with the scenario and fixated at touchdown the aircraft in any respect charges, as opposed to breaking off for a better method.

Due to the alternate in clearance, the whole lot became taking place in no time. The plane need to were in full touchdown configuration with the landing tick list completed earlier than they reached the guras method restore. Alternatively, the initial flap putting of five° wasn’t set until they had passed guras and flap 15° wasn’t set for every other nautical miles (13 dme on the technique).

I observe which you don’t presume his ignoring the alarms had that means…she ought to be the incompetent one who shouldn’t be flying. That is a disturbing bias. There may be no reason to accept as true with she become employed unjustly; just too green (like many men earlier than her) to take manage from the relatively ranked trainer and cope with the overwhelming situation. Army crews go through the equal problem due to an ethos of line of command. This is at the fault line of crm: maximum crashes on method are flown with the aid of the captain with an fo who doesn’t feel empowered (thru management attitudes or tradition) to take control from the commander of the plane.

It seems to me that the captain turned into so focused on seeking to get better this landing, he changed into not able to take in any new facts, for this reason again and again asking the equal questions without ever hearing the solution.

At that moment the controller changed into changed by using the tower duty controller who took over the microphone. Looking on the location of the plane, he cleared the flight for runway 20, presuming that’s in which the captain supposed to land in spite of him saying runway 02. The tower duty controller, having added to the confusion, changed into then changed via the tower supervisor controller.