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Us Airways Flyer Miles - "we don't have a particular date to proportion yet, however the merger will take region in the next 30 days," nedbal stated. "We desired to slender the time-frame for our customers due to the fact there are a variety of key technology components that want to happen earlier than we will merge, however will proportion the date once we have it.".

Remember the fact that when you have each an aadvantage account and a dividend miles account you'll maintain your aadvantage account range. If you best have a dividend miles wide variety, then you'll be given an aadvantage number.

Travelers who are part of u.S. Airlines’ dividend miles program handiest might also get an e-mail with their new aadvantage account stability and account quantity as early as saturday. The airline stated it is able to take a few days longer to update and merge profiles for people with bills in both packages.

Gary, and that i agree, recommends that you ought to pass beforehand and hyperlink both debts now to prevent any possible complications inside the future with incomes miles from companions and to make the merging of accounts less complicated within the future. Not like gary, i’ve by no means had to merge or link debts inside the beyond so i went ahead and related mine primarily based on his recommendation (and my uncontrollable urge to finalize this merger).

And login the usage of your aadvantage account facts to link each accounts. Make sure you've got your us airways dividend miles account quantity geared up and that the account information which includes name, deal with, and and so on. All matches. **Additionally, please note that this doesn't mean that your miles might be merged, this can take place in q2.**. €?they go from a complimentary upgrade application to aadvantage, wherein you need to apply e500 improve certificate,” said kelly. ??additionally, american executive platinum contributors will now additionally need to compete with us airlines chairman’s favored individuals for upgrades, although the upgrade policy on us airlines-operated flights will improve.??. The mixture of the u.S. Airways dividend miles program, with 30 million participants, and the yank airways aadvantage application, with 70 million participants, has pros and cons for travelers, said kelly, specifically for those with plenty of miles in a single or both packages.