Connect Ukraine International Airlines Frequent Flyer Review: Ukraine International Airlines (777-200ER) In Business JFK Printed

Review: Ukraine International Airlines (777-200ER) in Business JFK, Ukraine international airlines frequent flyer

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I dropped off my bag with the friendly check-in agent, who processed my reservation fast. He passed me a skip to the front room, and i headed off to protection. Enterprise-magnificence passengers were entitled to 2 loose checked luggage in addition to a deliver-on and private object.

Subsequent up was a undeniable omelet, which could have been way higher with peppers, cheese or even hot sauce, but it at the least it changed into still sparkling. On the aspect had been sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes. The sausage become rubbery and flavorless.

Commercial enterprise-class passengers received noise-canceling headphones. Although they have been comfy to put on, the noise-canceling element didn’t work very well. It muffled the drone from the 777’s pratt & whitney engines but wasn’t the audio you’d revel in with a higher pair. But except you've got a three-pinned headphones jack, you’re going to be stuck the use of those at the flight.

Ukraine worldwide airways 777-200er commercial enterprise product isn’t world-class, but it nevertheless offers a solid difficult and smooth product that maximum vacationers could be glad with. Even though it’s no longer in an alliance, you could nevertheless earn (and redeem) flying blue miles that may be used on skyteam vendors. Affordable paid commercial enterprise fares to europe and different locations make flying the airline a touch greater attractive, too. Ukraine international airlines is ukraine’s flag service. Hooked up in 1992, the airline is rife with corruption and tries to combat off competition in a completely unique fashion through strong-arming airport authorities. It has an extended-haul fleet of three newly refurbished boeing 777-200ers and 4 shabby 767s, but simplest flies to at least one destination within the us, the big apple town, which has a huge ukrainian expat populace.