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Frequent Flyer, Review - [*full dislosure: by typing in the promo code, the travelling squid also benefits by getting 1,000 miles for a successful referral. A successful referral would mean that the user spends $49 or more on the first transaction.].

To check the app out, we visited laurent’s cafe, positioned at the basement of robinson’s at somerset. The deal is pretty honest – you get 2 miles for 1 sgd spent. After selecting what we would like to devour, we proceeded to the price counter. The invoice amounted to $50 and we indicated to the body of workers that we would like to pay thru mileslife. The personnel advised us to key in the quantity and make our payment via the app. I keyed inside the information – it took approximately 10 seconds and the payment changed into processed. We were given a receipt as acknowledgement of our payment. I checked my miles stability and i used to be presented 1,a hundred miles. 1,000 for keying in the promo code (information below), and some other 100, due to the fact i spent sgd50 and the deal changed into 2 miles in keeping with sgd1 spent.? notice that this became on top of the base 60 miles (1.2 * 50) that i received through citibank for the transaction on my premiermiles card.

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The virtual qantas common flyer card enables streamline take a look at-in at home self-service kiosks and makes it easier for gold frequent flyers and above and clients with qantas membership club to get right of entry to home lounges on the day of travel. Contributors will still require their boarding skip to access worldwide, oneworld® and accomplice lounges.

I’m not an avgeek (aviation geek – individual who loves aviation news and the enterprise), but the app mileslife offers a few quite suitable deals, particularly if you’re saving common flyer miles to redeem air tickets for the subsequent huge journey. Here’s a review of mileslife for customers of common flyer programmes.