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Frequent Flyer Number Croatia Airlines - Provider commenced with dessert…well sort of. In preference to supplying blended nuts or crisps with the beverage, fas presented a packet of honey and pepper biscuits referred to as paprenjak. The packaging indicated these treats are a national favourite in croatia.

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I'm a star alliance and oneworld fan - ou belongs to celebrity alliance airlines - maximum of which virtually expert. Etihad organization is just not acting well, at the least in europe. I am happy that ou simply controlled to "make it through themselves" and have a natural development vs. Ju as an instance.

Purger, don't be so anal .... In case you are any type of aviation "expert", you will understand that a purely short haul airline is a totally distinctive animal to one which has widebodies and flies lengthy haul. Consequently, they are in a distinctive league to one another. Whilst evaluating airways, you need to evaluate apples with apples - looking purely at passenger numbers is an apple and orange comparison. On this way, ou and ju will quickly move into one-of-a-kind commercial enterprise models and direct comparisons will now not be applicable. This isn't a question of who is bigger or better, rather, 2 completely specific models. You need to be sensible and adult sufficient to keep in mind that.

Ju and ou are exceptional league? In european stage businesses up to five million passengers according to 12 months are in same league. One must say that leagues would be: massive international companies: 1. Lufthansa organization 108 million passengers, 602 planes, 323 destinations 2. Iag 95 million passengers, 520 planes, 248 locations 3. Air france-klm, ninety million passengers, 574 planes, 231 locations 4. Turkish, sixty one million passengers, 309 planes, 285 locations very massive organizations: 1. Aeroflot group 39 million passengers, 239 planes, 189 locations 2. Sas group 31 million passengers, 137 planes, 157 destinations 3. Air berlin institution 30 million passenger, 153 planes, a hundred forty five locations four. Alitalia 23 million passengers, a hundred thirty planes, 123 locations massive businesses: 1. Tap portugal 12 million passengers, 77 planes, 88 locations 2. Aegean 12 million passengers, 58 planes, 134 locations three. S7 eleven million passengers, fifty nine planes, 104 locations four. Finnair 10 million passengers, 67 planes, 103 destinations center companies: 1. U-tar nine million passengers, 108 planes, 117 destinations 2. Sunexpress nine million passengers, 74 planes, 102 destinations 3. Air europa 9 million passengers, 43 planes, forty two locations four. Flybe, eight million passengers, ninety three planes, seventy seven destinations five. Brussels, 8 million passengers, forty five planes, 67 locations 6. Virgin atlantic 6 million passengers, forty one planes, 37 locations 7. Lot, 6 million passengers, 35 planes, 54 destinations eight. Ural 5 million passengers, 29 planes, 66 destinations 9. Travel provider five million passengers, 30 planes, forty six destinations 10. Ukraine global, 5 million passengers, 41 planes, 75 locations small companies 1. Air nostrum, 3,eight million passengers, forty planes, fifty one locations 2. Meridiana, three,7 million passengers, 18 planes, 40 locations 3. Icelandair group, 3 million passengers, 27 planes, 36 destinations four. Air baltic, 2,eight million passengers, 28 planes, 60 destinations five. Air serbia 2,6 million passengers, 20 planes, forty one destinations 6. Tarom 2,2 million passengers, 23 planes, forty destinations, 7. Csa 2,zero million passengers, 24 planes, 40 locations eight. Croatia airways 1,eight million passengers, 13 planes, 40 locations nine. Air malta, 1,7 million passengers, 10 planes, 37 destinations 10. Luxair 1,7 passengers, 18 planes, 59 locations eleven. Belavia 1,6 million passengers, 23 planes, 40 locations 12. Azerbajan 1,four million passengers, 31 planes, 22 locations 13. Bulgaria air 1,2 million passengers, eleven planes, 22 locations 14. Adria, 1,1, million passengers, 14 planes, 23 destinations tinny company is the one that has much less than 1 million passengers according to 12 months (like montenegro). In eu stage (which include lcc): air serbia is in thirty seventh function croatia is in 41st position. Without lcc distinction is simply three places (blue air is fortieth). So, air serbia and croatia are in same league, and air serbia is slightly bigger.