Coloured Super Flyers Rugby Cards 2016 Super Rugby Limited Edition -, Set Printing

2016 Super Rugby Limited Edition -, Set, Super flyers rugby cards

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Super Flyers Rugby Cards - Like all of our card series, we’ve loaded the retro 50 design with candies so that you can produce the ultimate rugby playing cards. No mere rugby card template, each issue of your buying and selling card is absolutely customizable:.

˜? participant call, position, and quantity ★ group name, domestic ground, and mascot ★ colour scheme for the card’s the front facet ★ season and lifetime information ★ bio information such as birthplace or native land ★ anecdote, trivia, or spotlight.

Like every of our card collection, we’ve loaded the retro 60 layout with sweets so you can produce the ultimate cricket playing cards. No mere cricket card template, every issue of your trading card is completely customizable:.

Faucet’n’play are liberating a brilliant (453 card) new zealand rugby buying and selling card collection so that it will collect and switch with pals. The packs of playing cards will feature all the top notch new zealand ladies and men rugby gamers from: 1. All blacks 2. All 5 new zealand investec excellent rugby groups 3. All black sevens four. Black ferns 5. Black fern sevens 6. New zealand rugby former greats.

Now not simplest can you operate your collectors’ album to construct and preserve your playing cards safe, there also are a few incredible prizes to be gained inner, which includes family suit tickets, aviva stadium tours and of route, a mega irish sports activities % to be won every month!.

Starr cards retro 50 series inspires memories of a time while gas price eighteen cents a gallon, disney’s cinderella entertained movie goers, the chattanoogie shoe shine boy rocked jukeboxes, and the british isles’ rugby union crew toured new zealand for the first time in two decades.

Retro 50 series is one in all numerous top rate custom rugby card designs that can be unlocked inside starr playing cards award-prevailing rugby card maker for the iphone, ipad, or ipod. Its throwback appearance is an appropriate fit for any rugby participant, team, or league — each and every card is certain to grow to be a collectable memento.