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Frequent Flyer Number To - Via june 30, 2014, kathy will earn 1 qantas factor for each alaska airways mile she flies. ?on july 1, 2014, kathy will earn qantas factors primarily based on the gap she flies. ?those qantas points will count number toward elite popularity with qantas.? .

Kathy earns aeromexico kilometers when she flies on a paid codeshared alaska airways flight. ?she’ll earn 1 aeromexico kilometer for every alaska airlines mile flown or a minimum of 800 aeromexico kilometer (whichever is more). ?but those kilometers do no longer count number towards aeromexico elite popularity.

Kathy can credit score her alaska airlines flights to 11 airline companions. ?so kathy should credit her flights to at least one of the associate airways that she flies a lot and earn miles on american airways, delta airways, cathay pacific, korean air, lan, qantas, and many others.

Via december 31, 2014, kathy can earn delta airline miles whilst she flies on alaska airlines. ?for each mile she flies on a paid alaska airways flight, she’ll earn 1 delta airways mile. ?and the delta miles will rely toward delta elite fame.

While kathy flies on alaska airlines she will be able to earn korean air miles. She’ll earn 1 korean air mile for each paid coach alaska airlines price ticket, except for the cheapest g fare tickets which earn 0.Five korean air miles. And he or she’ll earn 1.Five korean air miles for each paid first class alaska airways price ticket. ?the korean air website doesn’t say if the korean air miles flown on alaska airlines flights count number toward korean air elite popularity.

She can also switch starwood points to alaska airlines at a 1:1 ratio. ?for each 20,000 starwood points she transfers, she receives a 5,000 factor bonus. ?so 20,000 starwood points transferred to alaska airlines turns into 25,000 alaska airways miles, that is sufficient for a spherical-experience home price tag on american airlines and delta airlines.

Kathy can earn 1 british airways avios point for every mile flown on a paid alaska airways operated train flight. ?she’ll earn 1.Five british airlines avios points for first magnificence flights on alaska airways. ?however the british airlines avios factors earned on alaska airlines flights won’t count towards elite popularity on british airlines.