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Frequent Flyer Broker - It seems to be a number of work and chance for a small save which can be made bigger in different approaches. The singapore airways/krisflyer website states and economy price tag from singapore to copenhagen would fee 38000 points. At us$18 in keeping with 1000 factors, that’s $684.

All of them provide krisflyer miles on the market, at varying charges. This might simply possibly be the best example of an excellent marketplace, truely, given the homogeneity of the product, the dearth of transport or transaction expenses, the ideal know-how that exists (you could google around to test charges).

7. The sale or barter of krisflyer miles, pps fee, award tickets or different blessings is against the law and will result in cancellation of those miles, pps fee, award tickets and/or different advantages. Participants who breach this rule can also be answerable for damages, litigation and transaction prices.

Or how approximately this call dropping at the lowest of the mileage club’s site which appears to indicate that this operation must be reputable. In the end, it’s been cited on cnn, fox and nbc.

So maybe the testimonials are authentic, but the pictures aren’t? Yeah, certain. In case you agree with that i’ve got this terrific swampland in florida that’s going to shoot thru the roof any minute now….

I recognize what you’re wondering. Wow, so i send cash to some online entity and a few days later they send the miles to my account? That sounds above board, and completely safe! I suggest, who could ever misrepresent themselves on the interweb!.

Daniel proposes a price of $17 for 1,000 miles to cover the paypal prices, which is still an awful lot inexpensive than what other brokers want. The trouble i now have is that niole can’t open her personal paypal account. Believe me, i tried. Paypal locked niole’s account the moment i brought a credit score card that didn’t have her name on it, and demanded i send evidence of residence and affirm a pattern transaction. And i simply wasn’t going to go through all that.