Rewards Scheme, Corporate Traveller Connect Virgin Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme Printed

Rewards Scheme, Corporate Traveller, Virgin airlines frequent flyer programme

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Airline Loyalty Programme Page 1 - Speaking of the credit playing cards, there are sincerely two distinct virgin atlantic cards: the virgin atlantic black mastercard and the virgin atlantic white credit card. Every model is issued by using financial institution of the usa, and each have their own particular perks. As an example, the tier factor bonus described above is handiest available with the black card, so that is the only you have to get if this is your top priority.

If you want to contact virgin atlantic for any motive associated with the flying club software, whether you need to upgrade your price tag or book with a partner provider the use of flying club miles, locate the proper contact records here.

Earn on qualifying flights with accomplice companies. Reserving is as simple as calling the provider and quoting your membership wide variety. Please note that you may simplest earn miles in a single software for a particular flight. Consequently, you can't earn both phoenix miles and flying club miles at the same time.

Still too easy? Why no longer try for flying club gold club for life? In case you earn 300 tier points on virgin atlantic flights inside 10 consecutive years as a gold member, you will qualify for club into this circle of elites. As a substitute, you can earn life membership, and a unique present besides, while you earn one million base flown miles on virgin atlantic flights.

If to procure a full adult posted fare in b, l, m, r, s, u, w, or y elegance, you will be eligible for an upgrade. That is also the case in case you appear to be flying on other non-published price tag sorts, like discounted, corporate, journey agent, or excursion operator fares, in b, y, or w magnificence. For more information, or if you're ready to book, please contact virgin atlantic's helpline. An additional word: all enhancements are difficulty to availability and can only be used on virgin atlantic flights.

The superb thing about a big and 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 program like flying club is that they have got an excellent number of partners from specific industries. Consequently, as a member, you will be able to earn and spend miles for flights, accommodations, car leases, and much more. Sounds outstanding? You guess.