In Terlin, Lectron Ic T, Etin, Joint SITA/IATA Coloured Frequent Flyer Number Validation Full Color

In terlin, lectron ic T, etin, Joint SITA/IATA, Frequent flyer number validation

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Frequent Flyer Number Validation - Mrs 2 qf 033 y 20aug 7 melakl hk1 i *1a/e* 3 ap tk ok06mar/akln22cts 5 fm *m*nine 6 fp cash 7 fv qf >ttp/et adequate eticket provide itin/rcpt*adv image identification required > if the airline does not respond to an e-price ticket request inside approximately 30 seconds, the device cancels the ticketing process and displays the subsequent message: >ttp/et electronic price ticket aborted - resubmit request > while an e-price ticket is efficaciously issued, the following elements inside the pnr are up to date: tk fa facebook detail replace as for a paper price tag, plus the e-ticket indicator (etxx, where xx is the 2-letter airline code). As for a paper price ticket, plus the e-ticket indicator (etxx, where xx is the two-letter airline code). After an e-price ticket has been issued, you cannot cancel the fa detail. This restriction is important to be able to hold the pnr in sync with the e-price tag report. As for a paper ticket: the air series quantity, the entry used to generate the air, and the passenger and section association. Four. 2 desk of contents preferred conditions for e-ticketing 3 airline-unique situations three issuing e-tickets..4 displaying e-price ticket statistics 6 e-price ticket records..10 revalidating e-tickets eleven changing (reissuing) e-tickets thirteen voiding e-tickets sixteen refunding e-tickets.17 amending e-price ticket coupon popularity: (reinstate) 18 e-price ticket itinerary receipt 20 re-printing accounting coupons...23 shape of identity 24 2. 3 preferred situations for e-ticketing in order which will trouble e-tickets, the subsequent conditions are required: - a brand new or retrieved pnr is gift; you must enter er (stop and retrieve) earlier than issuing the e-price ticket. - No e-tickets are allowed for companies. - In maximum instances, all flight segments inside the itinerary should be with the identical airline. Who is the validating service. - The airline s record locator ought to had been lower back. - The presence of the e indicator inside the phase within the pnr is evidence that the section is eligible for e-ticketing. --- Rlr --- rp/akln22cts/akln22cts aa/su 6mar00/1148z zin6wx 1 smith/mary mrs 2 qf 033 y 20aug 7 melakl hk1 i *1a/e* three ap tk ok06mar/akln22cts 5 fp cash 6 fv qf > airline-specific conditions similarly to the overall conditions required in amadeus, every airline that helps e-ticketing has its personal situations, and these conditions may additionally vary among markets. To look the listing of markets that aid e-ticketing, enter: heettair for information about the e-ticketing eligibility rules for a specific airline, make the access indicated inside the reference column. For instance, to peer the e-ticketing guidelines for american airlines, input: heettaa three.