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Frequent Check Delta Frequent Flyer Number Printed - I have a virgin australia flight next month and no way to get a seat undertaking from syd to bne. Do you know if there’s some thing similar you could do. The delta agent on the platinum line said she will be able to’t even see a seat map so there’s no way for her to book a seat for that section.

, it’s displaying that no flights exist among these two towns (cdg – mpl), in which as on af, they absolutely do display up – and i have taken this segment a couple of times in the beyond, so i know this exists…. Anyone else experiencing this? Thx.

But, you continue to need to take the step of also  becoming a member of flying blue  even in case you never ever plan to credit one point to them. Why? Intra europe flights. Air france is still acting in their traditional way and could now not permit you to see educate elegance seats. Klm, but, desires to make money off of you. To that quit, have a look at the under:.

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@ralph – i agree the delta is tons better to it’s elites than klm is. I was fb platinum for a 12 months. Simply horrible. Additionally no free upgrades to euro biz? What's up with that fb? Btw, no longer pronouncing you could ask free of charge biz improvements, just upgrade to say exit or ec seats. All unfastened to dl medallions on dl flights!.

As a final observe that i find very interesting is the skyteam trouble this raises. Think about this: the idyllic partnership we fly on & that klm has observed a manner to upsell you, in case you need, and make money off of you from a delta purchased price ticket! Additionally, as every other fun bit, if you upload your delta itinerary in your klm flying blue account to track, and you additionally have klm to your award wallet account, it's miles a returned door manner to tune a delta experience (that is so long as you have got one af or klm section). ?? rené.