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Air China: Airline Reviews, Airline Comparison, Minube.Net - I’ve accomplished this multiple times and up to now have encountered no troubles with ua award tickets involving ca segments. Ca does have english-talking agents so deliver it a try to have extra peace of mind.

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This takes place. To keep away from it, your path of least resistance is to cope with the ticketing service (united in my above example). That isn't always to say united is ethically responsible, however stand your ground with united (or aeroplan) and you'll get effects, although it takes numerous calls. It is dubious the equal could be proper of air china, no matter how many reps you cope with.

Despite the fact that, in case you booked your award price tag thru united, name united and explain the issue. Retailers may additionally say, “it looks like you cancelled it your self”. Absolutely nation that you did now not. With the brand new mileageplus safety functions, this question might not come up any more. We had an enjoy where we booked a enterprise class ticket with united miles out of palm springs to some other place in the u.S. After which to beijing, but the flight from palm springs changed into cancelled due to terrible climate. The united workforce rebooked us on an air china flight, with verbal affirmation at the departure gate, in commercial enterprise magnificence (x code) to china out of lax later that evening, however we had to pay for our own transportation to lax. So we rented a car to power to lax, however while we were given to the air china reserving desk in lax, the air china personnel stated the x code was their economic system magnificence. Despite the truth that we confirmed a print out of our unique itinerary price tag with united displaying “business magnificence” with united, the whole staff of air china didn’t care and demanded we pay about $5,000 usd to take a seat in a enterprise elegance seat one way. Straight away, there was actually a gang of air china personnel, about 10 all in the front folks, educated in this x code is economy elegance scam for folks who dread sitting in economy for 14 hours. Of direction they said we may want to name united, however little accurate it would do due to the fact they may be air china and they're now not going to name or assist, just pay the $five,000. Nowadays we tried locating what's x elegance according to air china and we can not find it anywhere. We additionally rebooked a special flight in o class for a destiny flight which united stated is first elegance with air china, however we can not discover it within the air china or phoenixmiles webpages both. We tried calling the air china range at 1-800-882-8122, but after maintaining for over 20 minutes and not pressing the #1 button rapid sufficient to “hold holding on”, we were disconnected some times. By some means it appears that evidently while air china can make cash, they may be fast and ready, but in relation to air china giving to clients in return, they may be very sluggish, non-existent to assist or solution their telephone that is deliberately installation to disconnect in case you don’t press the number one button every 2 minutes at their recordings activate while on perpetual preserve at the precise 2d precipitated however they're very speedy and aggressive to invite for extra money and downgrade your authentic agreed enterprise seating. We do now not agree with it's miles a twist of fate. We believe it is all planned, but the airline organisation leaders don’t offer a way to talk with them, so humans are forced to write down these evaluations on the internet, with a purpose to be here for each one inside the global to read, and ruin the popularity in their airline commercial enterprise, till the airline can pay off the website owner enough money to take all of the opinions down or the airline workforce behave and communicate clearly and fairly.